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"Kadie Pleated" Chartreuse

$375.00 AUD

Strap Width


"Kadie Pleated" Chartreuse

"Want a dress that actually fits"!
Ditch the bra girls, as there is no need for it with our really unique "Kadie Pleated" gown. So easy fitting, yet has a fully structured and supportive bodice. The shoulder straps tie through monogrammed metal rings (your choice of silver, gold or rose gold), on the sides of the bodice and can be tied in a number of different ways, while the single layer wrap style skirt simply circles around your waist and is hand tied in place. Our Melanie Jayne signature charm in the same colour to match the rings is discretely stitched to the bodice. 

Photographed with the standard straps.
  • Wide strap option is great for those who want more back coverage.
Strap  Widths Available: Standard 1cm, medium 2.5cm or wide 10cm.
Hardware Colours: Silver, gold, rose gold

Fabric:  Satin spandex
Construction: Boned bodice, foam bra cups and fabric stabiliser.

Colours: Chartreuse

Orders ship within 21 days.

Hit the link below if you would like to request a fabric swatch, please state the colour you want and your name & postal address.
The Story Behind the Dress!
As many of you know that when you purchase a new dress, it very rarely fits in all the right places. Hence I was so over doing alterations to almost every dress sold, that there was no time left to make new designs,"there has to be a better way."  After a bit of thought, I pulled out two dresses. One was my favourite backless ballgown and the other a wrap around dress. What if I could put the two together. So after some playing around and wrapping my mannequin in metres of satin, we came up with an idea for a dress that requires no alterations except maybe the length of the hem. 
Our revolutionary "concept" gown, come in different necklines, skirt shapes and strap types.
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