Our Boudoir Collection.

Our Boudoir Collection. - Melanie Jayne
Ok, we normally make dresses, but with our world turned upside down and weddings getting postponed, all due to a well known virus, we found ourselves with more time on our hands.  I realised we couldn't sit around and wait for things to right themselves. So over cake and a cup of tea, some brainstorming went down. Many ideas got thrown around not knowing how long things were going to be like this. Some were saying weeks, others were saying 6 months or worse, 2 years before our lives could return to normal. Eventually we came up with an idea, to keep ourselves busy and put our creativity to use. "A boudoir range" for all the ladies who are now stuck at home. The idea of working from home in your PJ's sounds like a great idea. But how about something more! First we made a lace robe and then a cami and boxer shorts to match. We got excited and not wanting to stop there, a nighty followed, along with some intimates, a bralette, briefs and even a sexy suspender belt. We had beautiful custom charms made with the Melanie Jayne logo to brand every piece. We even made matching satin lingerie bags to accompany the garments in beautifully packaged custom embellished boxes.
Our "Forget Me not" collection is a pale blue & white lace embroidered tulle. Available in a range of different pieces, and designed to embrace the feminine beauty.  The "Plain Satin" collection is designed for comfort, while still being pretty. And our very bridal "Infinity" collection is pure luxury in champagne satin and beaded lace. Perfect for your wedding day preparations and beyond. 

Without chaos we would never have created this collection of beautiful lingerie. We love the range and are extremely excited to show it off.
We hope you all enjoy the collection as much as we do. 

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