Copy of FAQ'S

Where are Melanie Jayne dresses made?

All Melanie Jayne dresses, including bridal & formal dresses are all designed and manufactured from start to finish in our Coffs Harbour studio.

Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses at Melanie Jayne?
Yes. All brides wanting to try on bridal gowns will be required to book a bridal consultation.  A bridal consultation gives the bride, the one on one attention needed to help her find the perfect dress. At Melanie Jayne we are the actual bridal designers and manufacturers of all our gowns and have the knowledge and expertise to help you find or even design your dream gown.
How much does a consultation cost?
A bridal consultation is $55.00 per appointment.  One of our designers will assist you in finding the right shape and style for your body, and also taking into consideration other key factors that surround your wedding day, that may influence your decision.
How long is my bridal consultation?
Bridal appointments are 1.5 hours. 
When should I book my bridal appointment?
Book your consultation 3- 9 months before your wedding. Looking too far in advance is risky if you do find a dress, but want to wait before ordering. The gown you have chosen may not be available  when you are ready to purchase, we source limited runs of some fabrics & laces, and we often change up our patterns which means your quest starts all over again.
Who do I bring to my bridal appointment?
Bring your most trusted friend or family member. 1 or 2 people are recommended.

What do I bring to my appointment?
Come prepared with any pictures, ideas of styles you might like to see yourself in. It's also important to set yourself a budget & bring an open mind and a smile.
How much does a Melanie Jayne wedding dress cost?
Ready to wear gowns start from $1500. Custom couture, bespoke, made to measure gowns start from $3000.
How long does it take for my gown to be made?
We require aprox 3 months for manufacture. Rush services are available.
Do you have an alteration service?
Yes, we fit and alter our gowns as necessary during production and off the rack dresses.
Do you alter gowns brought from other stores?
Sorry no. We are too busy with the manufacture of our own gowns, we do not have time.
How many fittings will I require?
Depending on the style of your gown and what alterations or changes will be required, you will most likely need at least two fittings, with the final being the one where you will take your gown home. Couture gowns will require more fittings.
Can I purchase off the rack?
Yes, you most certainly can.
What if I come from out of town?
Please let us know if you are coming from a distance. We are very honoured to have you visit our beautiful store and want to give you the best of service. Your appointment will help us prepare for your consultation, so we can cover all the needs you may have on a sole visit.
What Is your return/cancellation policy?
All orders are final and cannot be refunded, cancelled or transferred. 
How will I transport my dress and how do I store it until my wedding day?
All gowns will be freshly steamed and sent out in a garment bag to protect it. It is fine to store it in this until your wedding day. Hang full length in a place where there is no moisture or direct sunlight.
Do you offer a Steaming Service prior to my wedding day?
Yes, Melanie Jayne has a steaming service.  All gowns are steamed prior to collection.  Additional steaming is $20.00 for formal dresses & from $30.00 for wedding gowns.  Please call to let us know and we will make sure that your gown is fluffed and pressed ready for you to walk down the aisle.
Do you have a Dressing Service?
I am surprised at how many times a bride will say, ”I wish you could dress me on the day”. We are  more than happy to offer our lady in waiting service to brides and bridal parties. Appointments can be arranged and a quote will be issued on request for this special service.
Can I purchase my dress on the internet?
Melanie Jayne has an online store, perfect for customers who cannot make it to our store. Gowns are only sold in standard sizes. Made to measure or couture services are not available online.  All alterations are the responsibility of the purchaser.
We welcome all customer enquiries. All dresses are original Melanie Jayne designer gowns and are supplied in confidence to our customers.
Melanie Jayne pledges to help you find the most beautiful dress you will ever wear.