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Dawn D

$366.00 AUD

Strap Option


Prom dress

Dawn D

Ready for a Night Out Girls!
"This is a very elegant prom dress, with cutaway halter neck exposes the shoulders, looks great on all sizes, and has a beautiful navy & champagne rose embroidered lace bodice."

  • "Dawn" has a gorgeous lace overlay on the bodice in champagne highlights.
  • The two tone dress has lace over the satin which changes depending on which colour is chosen to go underneath.
  • It looks amazing no matter what colour way you pick.
  • Wide strap option is great for those who want more back coverage.
Melanie Jayne's unique two tone dress design is so easy fitting, yet has a fully structured and supportive bodice. The shoulder straps on this gown can be tied in a number of different ways, while the single layer wrap style skirt simply circles around your waist and is hand tied in place.

Available:with standard or wide shoulder straps.
Fabric:  Satin spandex & Midnight Rose Lace
Construction:Boned bodice, foam bra cups and fabric stabiliser.
Colours:Champagne, Navy, Jade & Turquoise
Manufacturing time:6 weeks

Hit the link below if you would like to request a fabric swatch, please state the colour you want and your name & postal address.
The Story Behind the Dress!
As many of you know that when you purchase a new dress, it very rarely fits in all the right places. Hence I was so over doing alterations to almost every dress sold, that there was no time left to make new designs,"there has to be a better way."  After a bit of thought, I pulled out two dresses. One was my favourite backless Prom dress and the other a wrap around dress. What if I could put the two together. So after some playing around and wrapping my mannequin in metres of satin, we came up with an idea for a dress that requires no alterations except maybe the length of the hem. The lace makes our two tone dress even more unique.
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